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Pig's Organ Soup 

From Singapore Hotels & Singapore Lifestyle

Pig's Organ Soup is also known as "猪什汤" (pronounce as 'zoo cha tongue') in Chinese. In Singapore, this is a cuisine that is taken by Singaporeans for lunch and dinner. It is similar to Kway Chap and Fish Slice Soup where you have a plate or a bowl full of food items and soup (if any) and served with rice or rice sheets in the case of Kway Chap.

As the name dictates, the ingredients in the soup are pig organs like intestine, stomach, liver, cubes of pig blood (brown in color and taste like gello), pork slices, and salted vegetables.

Pig's Organ Soup is usually cooked with salted vegetable so it is salty in taste. The soup and the ingredients are usually cooked first and then are soaked in boiling water and placed into the soup when served.

A good Pig Organ's Soup is one where the intestine and the stomach are tender and slightly chewy. It should be cleaned properly. The way to see if it is cleaned properly is that when you bite into them, you should not taste something that is too powdery. The pig blood does not have much taste by itself, so it is good to eat together with the soup. Eat the rice together with the soup and any of the food item (similar to Kway Chap) to have the best eating experience

Again, the chilli play's an important part on the eating experience of this Singapore cuisine. The chilli should be similar to that of kway chap, slightly sour but not too much.

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